Sheryl-Ann Charron

Here's our boss' story and how MADE TO LAST came to be.

As a plus sized person, Sheryl-Ann got tired of trying new diets, working out, and pushing to lose those few extra pounds to get her favorite pants to fit again. Then it dawned on her, why not alter the pants to fit, instead of trying to change her body to fit them. 

There was of course the issue of adding material to enlarge them! But, a color-matching elastic, that could work, and it did.

Sheryl-Ann Charron (CEO)

Get To Know Our Team!

Isaiah Rickson

Isaiah was born in Detroit, Michigan and he moved to Canada at the age of 16. He was bullied a lot due to his weight in high school. He came into MADE TO LAST six months ago, desperate to find clothing for job interviews. Instead, he found a home here!

Tiago Chen

Tiago is one of our local LGBTQ+ boys. Born here in Ottawa, he’s been a favorite among many charities in the area. Due to a medical condition, he is unable to work a full-time job, so we made a deal. He provides our customers with that special Tiago Touch, and we will accommodate to his special needs!

Tiago Chen (Salesman)
Sandra Morrison (Saleswoman)

Sandra Morrison

Sandra is a local mom of three. She's been a customer of MADE TO LAST for a few months and she couldn’t believe how comfortable she was in the clothing. She was ecstatic that she was able to wear the same outfit to work, then to a PTA, followed by soccer practice. She made the decision to be part of the team because she believes in the clothing here!”

Aqua Melbourne (Tailor)

Aqua Melbourne

Aqua came to Canada as a refugee determined to build a life here. She attended Richard Robinson Academy, and with the help of a translator, graduated with honors. While there is still a little bit of a language gap, her tailoring abilities speak these words loud and clear. “I AM THE BEST!”

Selena Fisher

Selena is originally from Chiapas, Mexico. She came here on a work visa 1 year ago. She comes from a long line of tailors and has given us the honor of sharing this experience with us.

Selena Fisher (Tailor)

Ty Samson

Ty is a pre-med student working for Made To Last part time to earn some extra money. Be it his big heart or his precision in attention to detail, he always deliver pristine work in every stitch. And don’t let these big muscles fool you, he's just one big lovable teddy bear.

Ty Samson (Tailor)